Direct Delivery

Jr.Tech will come to you! We provide workshops at:

  • school
  • home-school community
  • country club
  • private groups

Contact us for more details.

Jr.Tech worked with Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee to deliver three of our workshops to their summer camp program. The three workshops, CSI Cape Cod; Trebuchets & Catapults; and Rockets Launching Skyward, were a big hit with the campers. Denise Holzman, the fitness manager who handles the summer programming at Willowbend, had this to say about working with Jr.Tech to present the workshops:

“This was an incredibly easy process. The whole thing was arranged with a few emails and phone calls and then Phyllis handled the rest of the details. The instructors were very professional and skilled and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Our campers LOVED the program, it made me look like a hero at our club and made me famous among the under 12 kids and their parents (for bringing the program to Willowbend)! The kids just want More, More, More!”